My name is James – a 24-year-old web developer in Huntly, Aberdeenshire. I have lived in Scotland all my life – never really straying far from Aberdeenshire. It’s a beautiful region in the Northeastern part of Scotland so I am not really complaining about living here.

So why am I going through this blog? Well, I have mentioned that I am a web developer and this is one of the ways that I can practice my skills. But beyond that, this gives me an opportunity to share my life. Not that I expect anyone to be interested but you’ll never know, right?

About me and playing cricket

So what will I be writing about on my blog? Basically, some things that are happening in my life. I will be talking about my life here in Huntly. While there is nothing earth-shattering about this small town, it is home and I love every street and corner. I also love the community and the people that live here as well. As a student, I took a couple of jobs to help support my studies and make my less of a financial burden for my folks. That made me meet a lot of people over the course of my lifetime. They are one of the reasons why I really love living in this small town.

I never really thought about becoming a website developer but I am glad that my degree gave me adequate knowledge about programming. What is great about it is a can work from home. I am trying to learn what I can by taking online courses for the past couple of weeks. I recently joined a group of web developers and I hope to get more projects from the connections of the group. My career makes it easy for me to move around but so far, I have no intentions of moving yet. I am sure the bigger cities will give me more room to grow as a web developer but at the moment, I am content staying where I am. Besides, the Internet gets me enough clients to keep me occupied.

Not only that, I am perfectly settled in my cricket career – if you can call it that. I am a part of the Huntly Cricket Club – which allows me to play every day. I get to hang out with my friends and play the sport that I love. Somewhere in my blog, I will probably write more about this sport – hopefully to get you to understand why I love this sport so much.

About the website

What else should you expect me to write on my blog?

It will mostly be about my life and cricket. That is what I am quite passionate about at the moment. I have always been careful about making healthy lifestyle choices and I playing cricket allowed me to get used to this lifestyle.

And since I love traveling, I will also share that with you. I have always loved exploring the great outdoors and I think that fueled my love for traveling as well.

Basically, my blog will be all about my different passions in life. I sincerely hope you get to stay with me for a long time as I share my life with all of you.

Happy reading!