I try to schedule my cricket trainings on a daily basis. It is not just because I love the sport. It helps me get the exercise I need. Not only that, it allows me to improve my skill – which will really work well for the team when we have to play. When we play as a team during training, it does not only improve our individual skills. It also helps us work as a team more efficiently. In the end, that is what helps us win.

We usually have a coach when we are training. It makes everything feel more organized. However, there are instances when we train on our own. There are a couple of equipment that make this possible. If you are interested in playing cricket, you are probably wondering how a typical training happens.

About my cricket training

The truth is, cricket trainings usually vary. We do not have the same training programme every day. The coach usually decides what we will be doing at a particular time. And in training, we are not always playing a game of cricket. Most of the time, we are strengthening specific skills like our footwork, shots, etc.

When we train during the pre-season, we start by analysing what our opponents did in the previous one. It helps identify the skills and techniques that we needed to improve on. We also study games that we played to see which skill should be improved and the mistakes made. While the coach does most of the analysing, it also helps for us players to understand what needs to be improved so the team will function well. It is not just the skill but the way we play together that is important.

Once the analysation is done, we work on what needs to be corrected. Here are some of the things that we do during cricket trainings.

Ladder work

This is a good drill for your feet. Batting is all about your ability to move your feet very fast. The idea is to place a ladder flat on the ground. You will then shuffle over the ladder while going back and forth placing your each foot in the middle of each spoke as fast as you can. If there is no ladder, you can visualize the motions and do it. This is a great warm up drill before any cricket training.

Underarm throws

This will help you develop better forcing shots. Underarm throws are better than overarm throws because it is more accurate. It is easier to hit a higher percentage of balls this way. It is possible to use other balls for this – like a tennis ball.


This is probably the hardest of all the drills that you can do in cricket trainings. After all, in an actual game, you have a couple of bowlers guarding the net. But in training, you simply stand in front of a net to try and get as many balls in it. Start slowly and then try the more tricky shots.

Bowling Machine

This is a great way to train your skills in cricket. You start feeding half volleys and keep hitting it. This helps practice your form, rhythm, and movement. However, it is best to do this with someone else – just to gauge how you measure up. It makes things look more challenging.

These are only some of the things that happen during cricket trainings and some of the equipment that you need to develop the skills you need to improve on.

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