I am seriously thinking about moving on. I know that somewhere in this blog you probably read about how much I love living in Scotland. That has not changed. I still love my life in Huntly and that is probably why I am quite torn about getting up and moving to a new location to live.

I practically lived all my life here and the thought of packing my bags and trying out a new life somewhere else intimidates me. This is my comfort zone. But I then again, the thought of not knowing what awaits me in another place makes me feel incomplete. So I guess this is one thought that is worth contemplating on.

My options for moving on…

In the event that I go through with my plans of moving on, I am considering 3 cities as my next destination.


The first time I thought about moving to a city, my first choice is moving to the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. It is the fourth largest city and the best place for the science and arts. It is a growing city and one of the best options to live and work in Scotland. Food and shopping are both quite excellent and the quality of life is going up. As a business centre, the city is starting to become very productive. That means a lot of career opportunities. So if I ever want to put my career to the next level, this is a great option to live in. I am worried about the supposedly “congestion” issue in the city but I heard the city officials are trying to do something about it by having a new tram service. The cost of living will definitely be higher than Huntly but then again, that is expected. It is not as expensive are the other cities though. I also heard that the entertainment and sports scenes in the city are thriving and that is something that will probably make living there quite exciting.


This place has a certain appeal to it. After all, it is the largest city in Scotland. Some people may think that this city is grey and a bit depressing. The high-rise flats do tend to cast a shadow over the bustling life on the streets. However, that is no longer what the city is all about. Thanks to the campaign, “Glasgow’s Miles Better”, this city is more vibrant and alive. It is now considered as one of the liveliest cities in the UK. The music scene and clubbing are very much alive. The restaurants are in abundance and easily found within the city – giving a taste of great cuisine from around the world. The same is true for shopping and cultural experiences. It even has cheaper residential areas – at least compared to the average in the UK. With several sports centres, pitches, fitness clubs and various leisure activities, the city of Glasgow is a great option for someone who is thinking about moving on to a new city.


The last city that I am considering is London. While this is a very populous city, I feel like this is where my career will have the most chance of taking off. I know that there will be a lot of opportunities for me to work in this city. Of course, I am not too keen in actually moving to England but this is an option that I would like to keep. I know that both entertainment and leisure are in abundance in this city – so my work-life balance will not be in danger. The cost of living may be a bit high – but that means the compensation rate is probably high too.

So that summarises the three cities that I am considering before I decide if moving on is really the right step for me. What do you think of them?

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