I love living in Scotland. I am happy that this was where I grew up. There are so many things to love about the country. More than anything, I believe it is the quality of life that makes it really amazing. The beautiful scenery, the landscapes, and the overall culture and demeanor of the people makes everything really appealing.

What is life like in Huntly, Scotland

Even life in a simple town like Huntly boasts of a high quality of life. The house prices here are definitely cheaper. And regardless of where it is located, commuting is easy. Traveling by car may be convenient but you will also find that biking is a great way to get around. The weather, while there is not an abundance of sunshine, is not bad. There is not much rain so you can go biking without feeling too hot because of the effort. And the scenery will make it all the more worth your while.

Apart from that, there are so many things to do in Huntly. The people in town is more than 4,400 and is steadily growing. There are tourists here and there – you cannot blame them for visiting because Scotland is a very beautiful place. The rich history of the town is written everywhere and it gives us locals a sense of pride in it. After all, this is considered to be the historic home of the regiment that recruited the North-East of Scotland – the Gordon Highlanders.

The art scene in Huntly is also very much alive. And a lot of enthusiasts have made a lot of effort in preserving the rich culture and history of the town. You can see how living in Scotland, specifically in this part of the country, can be quite appealing.

When it comes to the economy of Huntly, the local government is working hard to promote both business growth and development. The town is being promoted to encourage tourists and visitors – which can fuel the local businesses. Infrastructure is being improved upon and famous historical sites are being preserved.

Overall, you can say that Huntly is on the brink of taking off. I also love how the town is taking a special interest in sports – like the one I am most passionate about – cricket.

The real deal about living in Scotland

Of course, there is a lot to living in Scotland that you should know.

Probably one of the most important is the work/life balance that is usually promoted everywhere. While the cities in Scotland remain to be the business centres, there are various towns and villages surrounding it. That means you get to access the opportunities in the metro and still have a peaceful and relaxed place to live in when you are not working. The impressive public transport makes the commute easy and convenient.

The benefits in Scotland are great as well. You get 4-6 weeks of paid vacation – more than enough to keep your life from feeling stressful. You also get to benefit from the National Health Care – allowing your to get medical attention at a very minimal cost.

As you can see, living in Scotland will give you an overall improvement in your quality of lifestyle. Traveling is cheap all over the country. Regardless of where you live, it is possible for you to explore the country without breaking the bank.

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