The Huntly Cricket Club is one of the reasons why I can freely play the sport that I love. I have always been a very active person – going from one type of sport to the other. For the past few years, I have found myself focusing on cricket because – well, I am pretty good at it. While I know I am athletic enough to be good at any sport, I find myself more drawn to cricket. I enjoy the game and I have formed several friendships that are founded on mutual respect and camaraderie.

To say that I love hanging out at the club is an understatement. I practically see them every day.

About the Huntly Cricket Club

The Huntly Cricket Club meets at Castle Park in the small town of Huntly. The place has a cricket pitch that allows us to play and also a pavilion where we change and store most of our gear. Although a lot of us play in the North of Scotland League or the Strathmore Union, we also have seasonal and weekly coaching sessions.

We pay a small fee for the membership – something that opens every summer. The club sometimes recruits people who exhibit a talent and love for the sport. We do want to promote the sport to the young ones – which is why there are a lot of coaching sessions.

The contact person for anyone interested in joining is Patrick Scott. He currently serves as the secretary of the club. You can get in touch with him through 01466 792647.

Daily training at the Huntly Cricket Club

So what happens when every time I go to the club? After I change into my training clothes, I usually do warm up exercises. It is nothing special – just some stretching. Sometimes, I run laps to help make me feel more energized.

As a sport, cricket is a very technical game. It is important to be quick with your movements. Not only that, you need to wrong on your strength to be able to bowl balls as fast as possible.

This is why my training concentrates on strength and conditioning. Regardless of my role in the team, this will always be a focus in my training. Of course, I also have to focus on what I usually do on the pitch. That means making repeated efforts to improve my techniques as either a batter or bowler. The club has the equipment, machines, and facilities that allow me to train based on what I need to improve on.

While most of my time at the Huntly Cricket Club is focused on training my skills, I sometimes help out coaching kids who are learning the sport. Nothing like sharing what I know to the young ones! It is a lot of fun and motivating too!

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