The best cricket teams go beyond the statistics or the scores. At least, that is what it means for me. Obviously, getting a high score means the team is skilled enough to play better than their opponent. But that is not just what makes a team great. Beyond the numerical value, you have to see the quality of the play. You have to see how the players in the team work with each other.

What makes the best cricket team?

So what exactly makes the best team in the world of cricket?

I usually look at their pace and the synergy by which they play. My favourite teams have an energy or awesomeness that will make you look at every movement. As they run back and forth across the field, you have this sense that they know what they are doing. They know what is going on. Every thing they do on the field is planned and that they have spent countless hours practising with each other.

That is what I look for in the best cricket teams in the world. I know how the ICC ranks the best ones but I have my own criteria. It is not in the trophy or the number of accolades or games won. I look at the synergy in the team and how they hold themselves up and each other in every game.

Like every other fan out there, I am all for the heart-stopping moments, the mind-blowing passes, and unbelievable scores. But that is not everything for me. I look at the manner by which every score is made, the flawlessness and ease in the movements. That is what leaves me in awe. I guess you can say that my perception is different because I am a cricket player myself. I understand the depth and techniques used. I can appreciate the movements because that is something that I would probably want to do – or have done in the past.

My two favourite cricket teams

Given all of those, let me tell you about the two teams that will always be my favourite. Since I have been open about myself being Scottish, I think you will understand why these are the best cricket teams in my book.

England Cricket Team

While they have never really gone on top, I have deep admiration for this team. Of course, I felt quite anxious back in 2016 when they made it to the finals. But although they still underperformed, it is okay. This team will always be my favourite and will have my respect. The team continues to be in the top 5 so I am quite proud of them nevertheless. I like how the team has very young and talented players like Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler, and Joe Root. Let’s hope these guys will develop further to bring the team to the top.

Scotland National Cricket Team

I am very patriotic about this. I do not care if they have not reached the finals or are not included in the top 10 of the best cricket teams in the world. They just joined the ICC. Let us see what the team can do. But before then, this team will always have my support no matter what. It is not like they have not performed really well in the past. The team has had their share of spectacular wins but it is probably not enough to topple those at the top. But with Kyle Coetzer playing captain and making some awesome runs, there is hope for the future.

Maybe if I join the team, there might be hope – probably.

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