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About Huntly Cricket Club

The Huntly Cricket Club is one of the reasons why I can freely play the sport that I love. I have always been a very active person – going from one type of sport to the other. For the past few years, I have found myself focusing on cricket because – well, I am pretty good at it. While I know I am athletic enough to be good at any sport, I find myself more drawn to cricket. I enjoy the game and I have formed several friendships that are founded on mutual respect and camaraderie.

To say that I love hanging out at the club is an understatement. I practically see them every day.

About the Huntly Cricket Club

The Huntly Cricket Club meets at Castle Park in the small town of Huntly. The place has a cricket pitch that allows us to play and also a pavilion where we change and store most of our gear. Although a lot of us play in the North of Scotland League or the Strathmore Union, we also have seasonal and weekly coaching sessions.

We pay a small fee for the membership – something that opens every summer. The club sometimes recruits people who exhibit a talent and love for the sport. We do want to promote the sport to the young ones – which is why there are a lot of coaching sessions.

The contact person for anyone interested in joining is Patrick Scott. He currently serves as the secretary of the club. You can get in touch with him through 01466 792647.

Daily training at the Huntly Cricket Club

So what happens when every time I go to the club? After I change into my training clothes, I usually do warm up exercises. It is nothing special – just some stretching. Sometimes, I run laps to help make me feel more energized.

As a sport, cricket is a very technical game. It is important to be quick with your movements. Not only that, you need to wrong on your strength to be able to bowl balls as fast as possible.

This is why my training concentrates on strength and conditioning. Regardless of my role in the team, this will always be a focus in my training. Of course, I also have to focus on what I usually do on the pitch. That means making repeated efforts to improve my techniques as either a batter or bowler. The club has the equipment, machines, and facilities that allow me to train based on what I need to improve on.

While most of my time at the Huntly Cricket Club is focused on training my skills, I sometimes help out coaching kids who are learning the sport. Nothing like sharing what I know to the young ones! It is a lot of fun and motivating too!


My Cricket Trainings

I try to schedule my cricket trainings on a daily basis. It is not just because I love the sport. It helps me get the exercise I need. Not only that, it allows me to improve my skill – which will really work well for the team when we have to play. When we play as a team during training, it does not only improve our individual skills. It also helps us work as a team more efficiently. In the end, that is what helps us win.

We usually have a coach when we are training. It makes everything feel more organized. However, there are instances when we train on our own. There are a couple of equipment that make this possible. If you are interested in playing cricket, you are probably wondering how a typical training happens.

About my cricket training

The truth is, cricket trainings usually vary. We do not have the same training programme every day. The coach usually decides what we will be doing at a particular time. And in training, we are not always playing a game of cricket. Most of the time, we are strengthening specific skills like our footwork, shots, etc.

When we train during the pre-season, we start by analysing what our opponents did in the previous one. It helps identify the skills and techniques that we needed to improve on. We also study games that we played to see which skill should be improved and the mistakes made. While the coach does most of the analysing, it also helps for us players to understand what needs to be improved so the team will function well. It is not just the skill but the way we play together that is important.

Once the analysation is done, we work on what needs to be corrected. Here are some of the things that we do during cricket trainings.

Ladder work

This is a good drill for your feet. Batting is all about your ability to move your feet very fast. The idea is to place a ladder flat on the ground. You will then shuffle over the ladder while going back and forth placing your each foot in the middle of each spoke as fast as you can. If there is no ladder, you can visualize the motions and do it. This is a great warm up drill before any cricket training.

Underarm throws

This will help you develop better forcing shots. Underarm throws are better than overarm throws because it is more accurate. It is easier to hit a higher percentage of balls this way. It is possible to use other balls for this – like a tennis ball.


This is probably the hardest of all the drills that you can do in cricket trainings. After all, in an actual game, you have a couple of bowlers guarding the net. But in training, you simply stand in front of a net to try and get as many balls in it. Start slowly and then try the more tricky shots.

Bowling Machine

This is a great way to train your skills in cricket. You start feeding half volleys and keep hitting it. This helps practice your form, rhythm, and movement. However, it is best to do this with someone else – just to gauge how you measure up. It makes things look more challenging.

These are only some of the things that happen during cricket trainings and some of the equipment that you need to develop the skills you need to improve on.

Cricket player

Best Cricket Teams In The World

The best cricket teams go beyond the statistics or the scores. At least, that is what it means for me. Obviously, getting a high score means the team is skilled enough to play better than their opponent. But that is not just what makes a team great. Beyond the numerical value, you have to see the quality of the play. You have to see how the players in the team work with each other.

What makes the best cricket team?

So what exactly makes the best team in the world of cricket?

I usually look at their pace and the synergy by which they play. My favourite teams have an energy or awesomeness that will make you look at every movement. As they run back and forth across the field, you have this sense that they know what they are doing. They know what is going on. Every thing they do on the field is planned and that they have spent countless hours practising with each other.

That is what I look for in the best cricket teams in the world. I know how the ICC ranks the best ones but I have my own criteria. It is not in the trophy or the number of accolades or games won. I look at the synergy in the team and how they hold themselves up and each other in every game.

Like every other fan out there, I am all for the heart-stopping moments, the mind-blowing passes, and unbelievable scores. But that is not everything for me. I look at the manner by which every score is made, the flawlessness and ease in the movements. That is what leaves me in awe. I guess you can say that my perception is different because I am a cricket player myself. I understand the depth and techniques used. I can appreciate the movements because that is something that I would probably want to do – or have done in the past.

My two favourite cricket teams

Given all of those, let me tell you about the two teams that will always be my favourite. Since I have been open about myself being Scottish, I think you will understand why these are the best cricket teams in my book.

England Cricket Team

While they have never really gone on top, I have deep admiration for this team. Of course, I felt quite anxious back in 2016 when they made it to the finals. But although they still underperformed, it is okay. This team will always be my favourite and will have my respect. The team continues to be in the top 5 so I am quite proud of them nevertheless. I like how the team has very young and talented players like Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler, and Joe Root. Let’s hope these guys will develop further to bring the team to the top.

Scotland National Cricket Team

I am very patriotic about this. I do not care if they have not reached the finals or are not included in the top 10 of the best cricket teams in the world. They just joined the ICC. Let us see what the team can do. But before then, this team will always have my support no matter what. It is not like they have not performed really well in the past. The team has had their share of spectacular wins but it is probably not enough to topple those at the top. But with Kyle Coetzer playing captain and making some awesome runs, there is hope for the future.

Maybe if I join the team, there might be hope – probably.

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Want To Know About My Main Hobby

Everyone has a main hobby. Or at least, everyone should have one. I believe it keeps life interesting. You may live for your job or your family but a hobby is something that you do entirely for yourself. When things are not going your way, your hobby can help make things bearable. After all, this is supposed to be something that you love to do. It makes you happy because it can be something that appeals to you greatly or it is something that you are good at.

At least, that is how I view it and that is how I use my hobby positively.

My favourite hobby – cricket!

Just like other enthusiasts in Scotland, my main hobby is playing cricket. Let me give you a bit of insight about it.

Cricket is a bat-and-ball game that requires two teams to play. Each team is composed of 11 players. The cricket field is where all the action happens. In the centre is a 22-yard-long pitch that is rectangular in shape. This pitch has a wicket, which is what they call the target. This is a set of three stumps (usually made of wood) that has two bails at the top. The wicket is placed at each end of the pitch.

The play is composed of phases called innings. In one inning, one team bats in order to attempt scoring runs. The other team will field. Each team usually get one or two innings in a game. The teams swap roles after each inning. Whoever scores the most runs in each inning will win. Before the first inning, the captain of each team will toss a coin to determine who will bat first.

To be able to play the game every day, I decided to join the Huntly Cricket Club. There are a couple of us meeting to play and compete. It gives me something to look forward to every day. Not only that, it serves as my form of exercise. I really need it since I spend most of my time sitting in front of my laptop.

All about my hobbies

While cricket is my main hobby, there are also other activities that I am fond of and I try to do from time to time. I love sports in general. When my friends invite me for any game, I am usually up for anything. You can say that I love doing a lot of physical activities.

Apart from sports, I am also quite passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. It helps keep me fit and allows me to play cricket really well. I am enjoying my life so much right now and I don’t want any sickness to keep me from living. It might come as a surprise that this comes from a guy in his early 20s. This is usually the time when we feel most invincible – indulging in drinking and smoking and other crazy habits. Well, that is really not my style. I am fortunate to have found friends who feel the same. Sure we go out and drink but we don’t do it to drown ourselves crazy with alcohol. I personally make it a point to watch what I eat.

Another thing that I really love to do is to travel the world. I have gone to a couple of places but I am working on going further. When my financial position keeps me from exploring the world whenever I want to, I try to explore the beautiful sights around me. My friends and I sometimes go hiking or biking.

So that is it about my main hobby and the other things that keep me sane and happy in this crazy life. What about you? Do you have a hobby?